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“Aegis Roofing associates have demonstrated their character time and again in the way they handle their business relationship with us. Their corporate account has always been in top standing. They have a vast knowledge of product information and, most importantly, they put customers’ needs first. We’re proud to be their roofing supplier and look forward to continuing a professional relationship.”
Michael Curtis, Crossroads Roofing Supply, industry partner

“We’d had hail and wind in my area. I didn’t think it was that bad, until I noticed all my neighbors were getting new roofs. Sure enough, insurance adjusters totaled my roof and, on the referral of a coworker at Oklahoma Air National Guard, I chose Aegis to replace it. Then, a tornado came through the following spring and I went back to Aegis. Along with being great guys who do nice work at an affordable price, they have a sort of handyman who follows up on all jobs. They redid some flashing, which was a half-day’s work. Some of the dads of my kids’ friends are roofers, and I thought about going with them. But I stuck with Aegis. Once you find someone who does a good job, it’s hard to switch. I’m not switching.”
Paul Peterson, Blanchard, Homeowner

“It was so nice to hear Eric’s voice when he called the night of the May 10, 2010 tornado. My husband was out of town, and Eric offered to bring a tarp right away to cover any holes and prevent further damage to the contents of our home. I don’t think many would make a call that night like Eric did. If he’d called our home number, he wouldn’t have reached me. The storm had knocked out all service. But Eric had my cell number from when he replaced our roof a year earlier. I’ve worked for a small family-owned company for 20 years, and I just like people who do business that way. That’s my idea of good business. ”
Teresa Berry, Choctaw, Homeowner

“A hail storm came through and we figured we better have our roof looked at. I am a loan review officer and my boss had just used Jonathan Marks with Aegis and went on and on about how good he is. My boss is an accountant and smart, so I knew Aegis must be a good deal. I liked the knowledge Jonathan, as a State Farm retiree, had about insurance. He knew what damages to look for to prove to my insurance company they would fall within my coverage agreement. The work was done within a couple of weeks, and the guys were only up on my roof two days. After roofing our residence, Aegis roofed our rent house in Warr Acres and three other houses on our street, including those of two homeowners who initially went with a contractor who was recommended on the radio, turned out to be dishonest and went under. I was tickled pink with Aegis.”
Mary Lynn Thomas, Northwest Edmond, Homeowner

“We wanted to replace our heavy wood shake roof because it was a fire danger. To be honest, I dreaded the experience, but it went very, very smoothly. We have a Chicago brick house, mixed with red-and-black brick, and we weren’t sure which shingles would fit with that style. But Eric drove us around to look at roofs on similarly-bricked homes. We appreciated that personal touch. He also helped us match copper over our doorway and secure it, so there’d be no leaks. The Aegis team is very good and solid. Their workers were courteous and cordial, and Eric and Jonathan even helped clean up. They did a beautiful job, and our roof has withstood the test of time.”
Carolyn Bell, North Edmond, Homeowner

“I’d had nothing to do with roofing since 1991 so, following a hail storm, I relied on Jonathan Marks’ good information. His recommendations were all in line with what I wanted to do. I did get a second estimate. But even if Aegis’ bid had been higher, I think I’d still have used them. My insurance agent recommended them, and I put a lot of confidence in my agent. I ended up choosing an impact-resistant shingle that saves me 20 percent on my insurance premiums. They did a fine job, and I’m just really most satisfied.”
Jim Lazalier, East Norman, Homeowner

“We’d had our roof replaced six years prior by another local company, and a replacement cycle of every six years didn’t make sense to me. I wanted to have a good discussion about more long-term options, because materials aren’t getting any cheaper. Aegis really dug into that. We selected a long-term shingle. It cost a bit more, but on a cost-benefit basis, I think it’s more competitive. Our insurance company was pleased. Aegis also worked with us to use a foil-backed underlayment versus a tar paper product. Our home was built in 1947 and we wanted energy efficiency. With the alternate product, our attic doesn’t get as hot, so it doesn’t drive as much heat into our home. My wife was pleased with the curb appeal of the shingle we chose. When it was all done, it was beautiful.”
Bill Arnold, Nichols Hills, Homeowner

“Aegis has roofed our home twice in the past four years due to hailstorms. They are very professional and got in and out quickly, while some of my neighbors waited a year before their work was done. I liked that Aegis was experienced with insurance companies. They kind of took the ball and ran with it, dealing directly with my insurer, which was nice. I found them to be honest and they were on the job a lot, when many contractors aren‘t. Bottom line: I came back to them and would again.”
Paul Belflower, Quail Creek, Homeowner

"It was only the second time I’d replaced a roof and it’d been many, many years since that first time. But Aegis followed through and did everything they said they’d do for me -- with great results. They were neat and organized.  My wife and I still talk about how effortless it was.”
Gerald Harr, North Edmond, Homeowner

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“We wanted to replace our heavy wood shake roof because it was a fire danger. To be honest, I dreaded the experience, but it wen...
Carolyn Bell, North Edmond, Homeowner


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