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We Speak Insurance and we know wind and hail damage!

  • over 60 years combined homeowner's insurance experience
  • fluent in insurance policy language and estimating software
  • more than 30,000 home inspections
  • identified wind and/or hail damage on over 15,000 roofs
  • capable and competent in inspecting your entire home for insurance related damage

Listen, we believe in "Insurance".  We care about insurance and we genuinely respect our time working in insurance.  So are we insurance advocates?  Absolutely!  We may not be unique in the roofing industry but we can guarantee you we are uncommon.  Most roofing companies don't know of any other option than to tell you there is significant damage to your roof and you should file an insurance claim.  We were extensively trained to know the difference between the many types of damage that can occur to a home and specifically your roof.  Aegis representatives know what damage should be paid for by insurance and what damage should not and we will provide you with an accurate, dependable analysis.

We also take care of our customers.  Insurance companies do make mistakes.  We are uniquely qualified to guide you through the entire insurance claim process.  That includes meeting with claim adjusters, reconciling differences between the insurance estimate and our estimate for damages, dealing with mortgage companies and making sure you were paid appropriately on your claim.  You not only get a great roof from Aegis but you also get valuable assistance in dealing with your insurance company.  Wow, now that's awesome!



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"It was only the second time I’d replaced a roof and it’d been many, many years since that first time. But Aegis followed thro...
Gerald Harr, North Edmond, Homeowner


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