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Quality - The primary reason we started Aegis Roofing was to install a great roof system.  Why?  While inspecting thousands of roofs for an insurance company, we observed some pretty awful roof installations and material.  We also took note of the very good ones and those became our benchmark for quality.  Our “standard” installation meets or exceeds GAF manufacturer's requirements for extended warranties.  Remember this - The Bitterness of Poor Quality Materials & Labor, Will Linger Far Longer than the Sweetness of Low Price!

Products - We install the very best products on every roof replacement.  Just ask our local supplier, Crossroads Roofing Supply.  They see what products we purchase compared to our competitors and they can confirm the quality of our products.  There are a number of roofing material manufacturer's products to choose from.  We chose GAF company as our primary supplier of product due to their leadership in the roofing industry and the way they stand behind their products. 

Repairs - Roof maintenance is something every homeowner will have to deal with from time to time. Whether you have damaged or missing shingles or a leaking roof, it’s important to fix the problem as soon as possible while it can be easily repaired.  We take great pride in investigating and repairing those hard to find leaks.  Roof repairs do not have to be expensive, but they need to be done the correctly. 

Hand-Nailing - All of our composition shingles are hand-nailed to ensure that your roof will last as long as possible.   Let's compare gun-nailing vs. hand-nailing....  Most roof failures are caused by improper installation and not a defect in the shingles. Many installation errors are the result of incorrect nailing, often caused by careless use of a nail gun.  Hand nailing makes certain nails are properly set, reducing the risk of wind damage and leaks.  Nail guns often leave nails sticking up or imbedded into the shingle, damaging it and potentially nullifying the manufacturer's warranty.

Cleanup -  Aegis Roofing takes pride in providing a good, thorough cleanup.  We do our best to protect your home, your yard and your landscaping during the course of our work.  Our goal is for your property to look like we were never there, except for the new roof of course. We sweep your yard and landscaped areas with magnets upon completion.

Workmanship Warranty - Sadly, we frequently hear stories from new customers who have had a roof recently installed by another roofing contractor.  They call us to fix their roof problem because their contractor will not return phone calls.  Our warranty is our commitment to you that we wil be there for you in the event you EVER have a problem with a roof we installed.  For 5 full years, our residential customers will receive the support they deserve.

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