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Attic Ventilation

Why Ventilate?

Attic ventilation might seem like a minor consideration, but when properly installed, it can extend the life of your insulation, your attic structure and roofing components. Fresh air in the attic makes a home much easier to cool, which can result in lower energy costs.  If there are asphalt shingles on your roof, the attic must be properly ventilated to comply with the terms of the manufacturer's warranty.

What is Attic Ventilation?

"Ventilate" comes from the Latin word for "to fan."  It's the action of moving air.  Out with the hot, in with the cool.  Productive airflow is created by having a balanced Intake and Exhaust system.  Fresh air is pulled into the attic via Intake vents (soffit vents are most common) and stale, overheated air in your attic is vented out through Exhaust vents (see ventilation types below).

Evaluate your needs.

Every building has unique characteristics and it is important that your home be evaluated based on its own design.  We can help determine the best vent options for your home.  A balanced ventilation sytem is critical and means about 50% of the required ventilating area should be provided by exhaust vents in the upper portion of your attic with the remaining 50% provided by intake vents.  Please remember, building codes specify the minimum amount of ventilation.  You may want to increase the requirement to ensure proper ventilation.

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Attic Ventilation
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